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Default New GPGPU programming systems

Has anyone been able to get the new development packages from
either ATI/AMD with the CTM development kit or NVidia with CUDA
which enables programming the most recent models of ATI/NVidia GPUs directly with more conventional programming methods instead of through OpenGL or DirectX APIs and trying to map an algorithm into vertex and shading operations.

The NVidia kit CUDA uses a separate dll and a special NVidia C compiler
that creates GPGPU programs.

Supposedly both are available for research.
The AMD/ATI cards need be 1900 series or Firestream.
The NVidia cards an 8800 series.
Maybe the high end cards from the previous generation could
be used, (but not sure about that).
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For NVIDIA an 8800 series card is needed.

For NVIDIA the CUDA press release with more information
including a link for registering to get the CUDA kit, includes C compiler

For AMD/ATI the CTM press release has less information.,00.html

CTM will also run on a $2600 Firestream card, a modified X1900XT with 1 GB of RAM.

The older generation cards don't seem to be usable.
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