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Jan 2018

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Default Rest in Peace Thomas R. Nicely

According to different internet sources Dr. Thomas Ray Nicely died September 11th 2019.

Dr. Thomas R. Nicely (born 1943 in Massachusetts; died 2019 in Lynchburg, VA) is a game designer who has been a professor of mathematics from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He grew up in Logan County, West Virginia.
In 1994, he made national news for discovering a mathematical flaw with the Intel Pentium chip.

And an eulogy:

RIP Thomas

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RIP Dr. Nicely.
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Oh, this is extremely sad. I don't know what to say.
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I guess I always thought he would never die... and in a way he never did.
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R. Gerbicz
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Oct 2005

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Rest in peace.
As you know the Mersenneforum community extended one of his table, found all (first) prime gaps for N<2^64.
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Bobby Jacobs
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May 2018

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RIP Dr. Nicely.
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Sad news

He showed so much dedication to his site for so many years.
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Romulan Interpreter
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Rest in peace, sir.
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Jul 2019

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This is very sad indeed. It was a great service to the math community for him to maintain the various lists that he did, including first occurrence prime gaps and maximal gaps. And I thoroughly enjoy reading through some of his pages on number theory, including primality tests.

I wonder what will become of his website. On the front page of his website, it has this note:

Site last updated 0600 GMT 12 August 2019.
The site still seems to be up for now.
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Farewell, you will be missed.
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Rest in peace, Dr. Nicely.
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