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I still run WinXP on a virtual machine every now and again. Some old software is much happier there than on a modern OS.

Win 3 is now consigned to machines in the attic or a VM fired up for nostalgia's sake. One program I still run was designed for Win 3. It is Chamber's dictionary and, once more, is not very happy on anything beyond WinXP. Ironically, it runs just fine under WINE on Linux
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I'm still actively using and selling a product whose control program runs under MS-DOS! Been selling it for over 20 years now..

It was already obsolete back when I released it lol.
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I was talking to some coworkers about old systems this week. One said that at the previous place that they worked at they still had a system that ran on DOS. This is an organization that has had multiple TV series based on it. (I think that there are 2 current series based on it.) I was explaining about the recent need for COBOL programmers.
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If I May
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I don't know if it's still running anywhere, but some friends and I had more than 200 Amiga 500's deployed as an automatic scoring system for Canada's 5-pin bowling industry in the early-'90s called "DynaScore".

Things were going great, right up until Commodore declared bankruptcy, and no one would touch our product. We didn't have the resources to retarget our product to a different platform -- we were relying too much on the Amiga's amazing capabilities (for the time).

For anyone who has a few minutes to waste, please see this blog post I found searching for DynaScore on Google. A quick trip down memory lane for me; the custom hardware seen in the picture was just a small part of the interfacing we did.

P.S. This lost opportunity taught me never to rely on only one provider for anything.

Last fiddled with by chalsall on 2021-08-21 at 18:28 Reason: s/automatic bowling/automatic scoring/; # We did actually have a mode where bowling was simulated, for regression testing.
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"which could make Windows 10 the new Windows XP"
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