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Default copyright, archives...housekeeping queries!

Gareth Randall brought up a few reasonable questions in the Mersenne mail list (Mersenne Digest v1, 992 to be precise) that I have quoted below...

"1. What happens to the archive of posts if "" suddenly disappears? Is it lost forever?

2. Are these messages really going to be archived anyway? Will messages expire beyond a certain age?

3. Also, although less significantly, does the hosting site automatically gain ownership of all the material posted? Some sites seem to think they do, although I haven't checked this one.

Certainly an archived and freely available mailing list would be a safer bet for all three of the above. However, I'm not against original and accessible ways to make information accessible, of course, so don't take this as a flame against the forum :-) "

Xyzzy: No doubt you will answer in the list but I also think a reply here is appropriate.

ps: I like the gimps logo...
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Those are all valid questions... This is something we need to discuss here...

If someone wants a copy of the database it will be freely available once I figure out how to strip it of sensitive data... I'm new to MySQL, but I'm sure this is a trivial task... As for whether or not this site will be around a year from now or longer, all I can say is we are budgeted for this webserver anyways, so this is basically free... I don't think TPR is going anywhere, but if something does go horribly awry, I will turn over all of this data to George... Now, if we get several thousand highly-motivated members who post several times every day then we might have a problem, but I doubt we will get that popular... We do have enough headroom in our bandwidth to support a pretty good sized BBS, though...

As for archiving data, I have "pruning" turned off, which means messages will always be available... I also back up the database every day and I plan to store these backups in multiple locations... Next week I am going to attempt to restore one of these backups to a virgin install to make sure everything works as advertised...

All BBS content is owned by GIMPS, not TPR... George calls the shots... Someday I'd like to have one of those little legal warning things written to that effect, but my knowledge of legal stuff is nonexistant... Any help in this area would be appreciated...

As for which is better between the mailing list and the forum, you have to understand that they serve totally different needs... A forum is a good way to attract and support new GIMPS members, which is our primary goal. These newer recruits are more in tune with the BBS medium... It is also a bit more "chatty"... This allows people to get to know each other better... It is also a lot more fun!

As for the logo, I made that at in about five minutes... I hope someday to get a better logo that is maybe a bit more clever...
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