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Default Factoring with Highly Composite Modulus

Any comments on my blog, here-

Click on 'Factoring with Highly Composite Modulus'
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No comments?
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Originally Posted by mgb View Post
No comments?
None from me up to now because I went there and saw nothing I recognized as being new. Fermat himself knew all that stuff and exploited it to speed up his computations.

Summary: nothing wrong with what you say, but it's been well documented now fow well over 300 years.

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Yes, but what I'm wondering is whether the Quadratic Residues and their differences can be calculated without trial and error.

One solution is x = (r + 1)/2 and y = (r - 1)/2 so that x and y are the roots of the pair of Quadratic Residues which, by their difference, give a particular r.

So the question is, given one pair, can we derive the other pairs from it?

Suppose Xi - Yi = r (mod H) is one pair and Xj - Yj is another, we have

Xi - Xj = Yi - Yj (mod H).

It turns out that if d = Xi - Xj, d is a divisor of H or a multiple of a divisor of H and all other Xx - Xy are d or multiples of d. So, there is a distinct pattern.

If the other pairs can be derived from this given pair, finding Y^2 is easy as even large values of H have a very small number of pairs to test. This is my point. For example-

H = 277200
r = 128771
Number of Quadratic Residues = 4224

131796 - 3025 = 128771
159300 - 30529 = 128771
171396 - 42625 = 128771
182196 - 53425 = 128771
220500 - 91729 = 128771
221796 - 93025 = 128771
260100 - 131329 = 128771
270900 - 142129 = 128771
30996 - 179425 = -148429
33300 - 181729 = -148429
70596 - 219025 = -148429
119700 - 268129 = -148429

So with H = 277200 only 12 pairs have to be tested.
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