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Xyxxy recruited me this afternoon (30 July) as a moderator for the Hardware forum.

A brief backgroud

I've spent close to 30 years "playing" with computers, 10 years of that professionally as a build/repair/upgrade tech in a couple of small shops.

I personally run (when they're all up and running) a roughly 25 machine farm, currently mostly dedicated to GIMPS, though a few of my slow K5 boxes are working RC5-72 for (they're VERY slow even for factoring).

Most of my machines run Slackware LINUX, though I have a very few WIndows NT4 and 98SE boxes around for games, Win-Specific aplications, and guest usage.

The hardware ranges from K5-75s to a pair of Athlon Thoroughbred XP1800+s overclocked above 1800Mhz, and a P-IV 1.8 overclocked to almost 2200Mhz. 3 of my current machines are dual CPU - a pair of Abit BP6 based dual Celerons, and a Tyan S2460/dual Athlon. I've got a Tyan Thunder dual Athlon MB in for warrenttee replacement - then I get to try to dig up more CPUs for it. 9-)

I've been active in GIMPS for slightly less than a year, but was active in for about 5 years before that - was at one time, for about a week, in the top 1000 on RC5-64, and was an early OGR participant. ALso helped on 3 of the DES runs and the CSC run.

I also worked some with United Devices, but decided they weren't a group I wanted to work with after a couple months.

Online, I'm intermittantly active in the alt.callahans newsgroup, and on IRC in UnderNet commonly in #userfriendly or #callahans typically between 9PM and Midnight Central Time.

My favorite T-Shirt came from a contest Popular Mechanics had a while back - the front says "Ask Me Anything". It does NOT say I'll always ANSWER, but I usually do anyway....



I hate Word, WordPerfect, vi AND emacs, being a longtime WordStar fan - so I usually use WordStar, VDE, JOE, or QEdit.

I prefer LINUX 'cause I'm a major fan of stable non-crashing systems, but I have a LOT of experience with various Windows versions, and will use certain Windows versions when I have to - but am picky about which ones I tolerate. See the Slashdot "Number of OSs you've used" for more details on the large number of OSs I've worked with. 9-)

I don't like the Republicrats OR the Demopublicans - they're both out to help themselves, just in partly different ways. I class myself as a "Jeffersonian Democrat", which bears more relationship to the Libertarian party than any other current political group.

I'm usually pretty easy going - even about the religious stuff - 'cause I am a FIRM believer from too much experience that "there is no One True Way".



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