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Default I wish to join two computers into one team

The help file is not working tonight and I can't locate the instructions. I hope I am not showing my ignorance to any great extent. We are back in our house after it was damaged by hurricane Katrina. I used this as a great excuse to get a bigger/faster computer. (My argument actually worked for once.) I was asked (strongly) to clean out the garage. I found our old computer in a box. It was high enough in the house that it didn't get flooded. We salvaged it when we were allowed back into the neighborhood and stored it in a box in the garage. I plugged it in, closed my eyes, turned my head, held my beath, said a few quiet words, and turned it on. Much to my surprise, there were no spark, fires, or loud noises. Of course it took the better part of a day waiting for Windows to install 90 updates. A lot has happened since Aug 2005.

I now have Prime95 running on two different computers on the same network in the same room. How can I link these two together. Would they both run under a single user name? Is this what is meant by a team?

How can I access the instructions in the online help file?

Thank you,
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The help menu does not work when Prime95 is running as a service. You can access it throught the explorer. You can also look in the readme.txt and undoc.txt files.

You will find your answers in the item "How to Use Prime95: Running Prime95 on Several Machines"

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