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Dec 2011
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Default Sieving and LLR-in in same time

Since LLR now support multi-thread option I would like to use LLR with new option

- The two (mutually exclusive) options -oRising_ns=1 and -oRising_ks=1 have
been added in this version. They allow to process an input file
while it is sieved by another process of the same machine (LLR closes the file
during the test of the current candidate, to allow its updating by the sieve).
So, I will do next setup: using three cores for LLR ( -t 3 option) and last one for sieving ( of course on same machine)
How to setup ( where to enter) path to npeg file?
Thanks for reply
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Dec 2011
After milion nines:)

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So there is progress in this case.
But for now sr1sieve is not ready for this.
Because sr1sieve doesnot ( or I dont know) have option to remove found factors in real time.
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