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Default question about unreserving exponents

If I unreserve an exponent and another user gets it, does that user's Prime95 continue where I left off? Thanks.
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No, the save file (pXXXXXXX) in the directory where Prime95 is installed would be needed to continue from the point where you left off.
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plus it is a better idea to start from scratch. If you started where the other person left off and the results turn out to be incorrect, then you wont know which computer is at fault .

I lost a whole range of exponents in the 15-16M area. That computer completed all the work, however it was running p95v21 and it couldn't contact . 20ish P90 years lost...
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All you have to do is upgrade the executable, or move the prime.spl file to another box ...
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And what if it was M41??

Wouldn't both people claim credit?
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Originally posted by PageFault
All you have to do is upgrade the executable, or move the prime.spl file to another box ...
I'm guessing he didn't own or fully control the computer and no longer had access to it. There are still boxes out there running version 16 after all...
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