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Default Hiding your account info from others

Maybe I am very ignorant about how the PrimeNet account system works, but here goes:

If I install prime95 on others' computers to work, I enter my own account information so that I can follow their results on my account info page. But I noticed that the program doesn't seem to crypt my password, which means anyone using these computers can see my login information. How do I avoid this?

Is the solution to create a team to join on all computers? Won't I have to create accounts online for all computers in order to do that and is there no smoother way?
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If the people trust you enough to allow you to put the program on their computers you can trust them with your account info. After all the credit system is not something absolutely vital...

If it is so important to you to protect that info, have the program run under special credentials and protect the directory by applying permissions.

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Thanks for your reply.

No, I couldn't prevent them from accessing files on their own computer, that just seems wrong.
You are right about the info, I was worrying because I thought I'd use the same password as I use for everything else. If I pick another one that I never use it I might forget it after a year or so... But I'll change it then and store on my mail.
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