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RIP, Ian
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Thanks for letting us know Gary. My thoughts are with his family. RIP, Ian.
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Rest in Peace, man.
Condolences to family and friends.

Mother life is a bitch sometimes.

Edit: any way we make a collect/donation/whatever, and we send something (at least a post card?) to the family? Anybody who knew him in person could organize something? I mean, that's first time for me when I hear a "known" forum member dies. We could make a habit for it in the future... ( I imagine some of you especially, sending postcards to my wife after I die! Sorry for the joke, I know it's not the place and time for making fun, but I could not stop myself, and I know Ian would have appreciate it!)

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RIP, we will miss you
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RIP Ian. I'm thinking that it was unexpected as he was active early last week although had not posted since August 21st.
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I had followed his posts as well. My condolences to his family. LaurV made a great point regarding a contribution in his name to something he would have appreciated from the forum management.

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I am out of town for 2 weeks. I will return Sept. 24th. In the mean time I am locally keeping the web pages up to date on my laptop but am unable to upload them to my server due to a firewall. They will be updated for public viewing when I get back. I will keep the statuses in the recommended and 1k bases up to date.
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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
To all,

I was informed today that our long-time contributor, Ian Gunn, aka MyDogBuster, died last week.

Ian had been a loyal follower and contributor of both NPLB and CRUS since their inception over 12 years ago.

His humor and helpful nature on the projects will be sorely missed.

Gary Barnes

Wow, that is bad news. RIP Ian.
At least we know of his passing. With most members we probably wouldn't and they would simply disappear.
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I will be out of town until Nov. 23rd. I am keeping the web pages updated locally while I am gone. They will be uploaded to the server after I get back.
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Although not part of this specific project, PrimeGrid knocked off another k for R2: 146561*2^11280802-1 is prime.
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Was noticed in the Wiki.
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