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Default Prime95 crashing while running blend test

Hi everyone,

I have been encountering a problem with Prime95, and Orthos for that matter, when running either the blend test, or the custom test when the amount of memory used is set similar to numbers similar to the blend test.

What I mean is, the machine has 512M memory, approximately 300M are free, so I run two Prime95s and set them both to priority 10, and run the custom test with memory used set at 128M each. Alternatively, I just set both copies to run the blend test.

I am running Windows XP SP2 with all updates installed. Prime95 actually crashes, resulting in a "Prime95 application has encountered a problem and needs to be closed" message. It does not give me any rounding errors, and the machine passes 24 hour runs of both the small FFT and the large in place FFT stress tests. The machine has passed 24 hour runs of memtest86+ v1.7 as well.

I cannot understand why it is doing this. I have another identical machine here that has the same problem. Does anyone have any idea what's causing this?

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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What is your CPU? If you have some Athlon 64, then IMO blend test is the best one to uncover instability - that would simply mean that your system is not "prime-stable"
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