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Default Auto scroll and auto maximize worker windows ?

I am running Prime95 version 26.5 on my Windows 7 x64 PC with quad-core CPU. I was wondering:

1. Why prime95 is NOT smart enough to auto scroll in each worker window and the communication thread window to the LAST line ?

2. Why prime95 is NOT smart enough to auto maximize the 4 worker windows and the communication thread window when the main prime95 window is resized or maximized ?
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I'd also like to add: why does Prime95 not have a scroll bar on the main window? It looks very ugly when more than four worker windows (plus the communication thread) are squeezed into one window.
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Maybe because Prime95 is a mathematical software that doesn't need all the frills and bells of commercial software?

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Try MergeWindows=39 in prime.txt and feel the relief :)
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