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Aug 2002

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Default GIMPS in sleep mode

Many newer computers today have a function that puts the computer in low power "sleep" mode. This is used to conserver energy when the computer is not in use. How will putting the computer in this mode effect Prime95? Will it just cease calculation, will it continue like normal, or will it somehow actually reverse progress by losing data (unlikley)?
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Aug 2002

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Do you mean sleep, suspend or hibernate? :)

Actually, in all three modes the CPU is halted...

Here is a good resource...
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Prime 95 has code that prevents the computer from going into sleep or standby by itself (IE the timers and stuff). No worries there.

If you manually put your computer into sleep or standby, Prime95 will (just like every other program on the system) be "frozen" at the time you suspend, and will resume work once you bring the system out of standby. nothing lost, except for the time that could have been spent finding primes :(
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Originally Posted by Stormblade
Prime 95 has code that prevents the computer from going into sleep or standby by itself
It does? I don't even know if that is possible - I looked into it once and gave up.

When your computer goes into sleep mode, it will slow down prime95 immensely. This is different than putting the monitor or disk drive into a power-save mode - those won't slow prime95 down
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I had to disable the system from going into standby(every 20 min) because it just stops prime95, so I guess that they don't have a code that stops going into standby. I use turn monitor off and turn off harddisks though, and that doesn't affect the speed.
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why not just have the monitor power down after like 15 20 min

but leave the cpu on. istead of playing with all the settings?
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