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Originally Posted by 0PolarBearsHere View Post
Please don't talk about cricket. As an Australian I'm not quite over how bad we played in the Test series.
What is lacking with Australia? They were the world champions of cricket for a decade, and more over then world's number one team of cricket for many years.

Australians regret for light blows, while where as Indians only regret for heavy blows?
Yes, but only not.

I know, but I don't know.
Car did not hit wall, but it hit wall.

Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
If yes, then give me an example of five countries sharing common border with each pair. A border is a non-zero length edge separating up with two countries.

And then, spoiler tag is not same as strike through tag or hidden text tag!
Right now, at all! Repent = regret? Why ever?

Originally Posted by rogue View Post
I think it is time for a temporary ban.
I took a lot of effort to prepare my post, but you took very little effort to prepare your post. I am going by using quality, yes, but not by using quantity. We are not being paid by using the lot of words used up with!

Let us assume that banning will be done only with very good reason: sales advertisement spam, personal insult, use of obscenities, etc. What reason would you give away for my case?

I think that my last post should find its place in the Science and Technology forum. Even though, creating a new thread for one post is embarrassing to me. Or should it belong to some other thread? Moderators, can you please confirm if my previous post could be fit in the Science and Technology forum? Also part of my latest post in the Hobbies Forum could be finding a fit over there by. For sharing of Whatsapp messenger jokes, there is the Fun Stuff forum.

Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
For nearly four years, from 2007 to 2011, I had been contributing to the Cunningham project. Now that all the easy numbers have gone away. NFS@Home is in charge of all harder numbers. A lot of active users in the past have stopped contributing to Cunningham project and they are right now taken care by using collaboration at all!

I have been for the past last 9 months period of time, trying out ECM curves upon larger enough Mersenne composite numbers (they are smaller enough for GIMPS Project). I have found out 79 prime factors and then counting. This is one computation in which at least some productive results will come out with at least some of effort.

Unless it is possible to make a leap, only collaborations will be able to contribute to Cunningham project, yes, but not individual people. Quantum computing - Shor's algorithm will be a break through. How about me working out up on implementation of Quantum computer - Shor's algorithm. It is more of physics back ground rather than instead of computer science back ground. With new quantum physics principles like superposition and entanglement, working out up on it seems to be appearing over what ever some one can expect realistically rather than instead of needed practically possible.

In the near future period of time, I expect some collaboration, yes, but not individual people to finish off entire Cunningham tables by using Coppersmith SNFS - Factorization Factory Variant provided that there would be sufficient enough primary memory available to do past last Linear Algebra.
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My point is that your post has no relevance to this thread. Please put it into a thread where it has relevance. Putting it here makes you look like a troll.
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Think over a period of time, ponder thoughts, preview posts, post slowly.

Cunningham project has been taken into collaboration by using NFS@Home and 50% of open end Aliquot sequences with starting members below value of 1000000 have been taken by using yoyo@home. Or not?
Or yafu@home? Or not? Individual users cannot receive credit no longer. Unless they will have a larger number of resources, or they find out with some thing algorithm some thing earth shattering.
The word credit does not fit over there by. Algorithm is not found out by using users. Software is not written by using users.
Users do only run with software applications written by using an other people. If users do only implement their own software application, then it will be very much crude and sub-optimal.

Originally Posted by rogue View Post
My point is that your post has no relevance to this thread. Please put it into a thread where it has relevance. Putting it here makes you look like a troll.
Sure! Actually that this thread discussion was completed before I posted my own views and opinions. This is not any project section to disrupt any on going discussions.
Please move my posts into Science and Technology forum if you feel strongly about it doing so. Many people in this forum read all the sections, don't they? So, is there a need for a post to be in a particular section to get targetted people from reading my posts or getting maximum throughput replies?
By the way, I also suggest to merge this thread with this one.

<br />
\begin{tabular}{|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|} \hline <br />
H & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & He \\ \hline <br />
Li & Be & & & & & & & & & & & B & C & N & O & F & Ne \\ \hline <br />
Na & Mg & & & & & & & & & & & Al & Si & P & S & Cl & Ar \\ \hline <br />
K & Ca & Sc & Ti & V & Cr & Mn & Fe & Co & Ni & Cu & Zn & Ga & Ge & As & Se & Br & Kr \\ \hline <br />
Rb & Sr & Y & Zr & Nb & Mo & Tc & Ru & Rh & Pd & Ag & Cd & In & Sn & Sb & Te & I & Xe \\ \hline <br />
Cs & Ba & La & Hf & Ta & W & Re & Os & Ir & Pt & Au & Hg & Tl & Pb & Bi & Po & At & Rn \\ \hline <br />
Fr & Ra & Ac & Rf & Db & Sg & Bh & Hs & Mt & Ds & Rg & Cn & Nh & Fl & Mc & Lv & Ts & Og \\ \hline <br />
\end{tabular}<br />

<br />
\begin{tabular}{|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|} \hline <br />
Ce & Pr & Nd & Pm & Sm & Eu & Gd & Tb & Dy & Ho & Er & Tm & Yb & Lu \\ \hline <br />
Th & Pa & U & Np & Pu & Am & Cm & Bk & Cf & Es & Fm & Md & No & Lr \\ \hline <br />
\end{tabular}<br /> web site page - simultaneous exhibitions based up on chemical element names.
Newly enough named chemical elements - names fixed - newly enough.

HTTP versus HTTPS.
Web site page - S.

Chemical elements trump game - atom mate.
Natural geographic playing cards.

If Donald Trump becomes president of USA and Rahul Gandhi becomes prime minister of India, then USA and India could play cards with each other.
If so, then USA would have a trump, and then - and then India would have a joker.

No stable isotopes for chemical elements with atomic number = 43, 61, 83 and then higher - if then.
Bismuth-209 only slightly radioactive, only primordial isotope Bismuth-209 has got half life a period of time of 2 × 1019 years. And then - if then, only detected in year of 2003. Age me 15 years older enough.

Third group contains Sc, Y, La, Ac or Sc, Y, Lu or Lr? Why so?
Lw was the older enough chemical element - chemical symbol for Lr - Lawrencium: atomic number = 103, atomic mass = what ever? Up to the year of 1963. Age me -25 years older enough.

Periodic table of elements - chemical elements - chemical symbols - atomic number - atomic mass:
Vertical columns = group. Horizontal rows = period. Seventh period is being completed right now.

By heart chemical elements by using vertical columns = group but not horizontal rows = period?
Students sitting in side sitters - and then benches sitting as like - as like lanthanides and then actinides? If then prohibit benches - if then allow sitters.

Now ready versus not ready?
Get out versus cut out?

In this thread, with my post number 38, half (part) of it belongs to here, half (part) of it belongs to Science and Technology forum.

Moderators ever will be able to merge two posts into one. Will they ever be able to split one post into two?
Even unregistered users and deleted random accounts (why does forum software say like this type of thing?) have got along with custom post counts displayed along with the post. Along with this type of thing, same for private messages also as well as possible, along with this type of thing?

20 votes - 20 votes of the poll - tie breaker - reminds me of the 20 - 20 office job rule. Every 20 minutes of working out, take a 20 second break, either going out some where or staying away from the computer.
If a person is born in India, then he will be named as Karthi (film actor). If a person is born in West Indies, then he will be named as Carty (cricket player). What a change of spelling has been taking place along with this type of thing!

As like - as like same enough for this thread post - my own - and then - if then.
Not bothering about modifying characters around but not making by using any - some significant changes at all.

Very much, further more.
Paired words.

Chemistry quiz.
Every number has got any - some special property - use - useful - a an the useless.

Why so is being alphabetical order in effect in school but not by using college attendance grades - ranks?
Cow is a useful animal.

Types of things thread posted - thread posted in quote tags - but not by using in code tags does not seem - appear to be able to be worse enough - able suit - apply.
Duplicate type of things deleted away from in computer - stayed away from in computer.

Single quotes versus double quotes. What ever is being difference between these two types of things at all - but only by using - by the way.
Necessary enough versus sufficient enough.

Yes - not.
Link - pointer is being available - necessarily enough.

Last fiddled with by Raman on 2016-12-10 at 19:17
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Please !

Please create a thread in the lounge and post there only unless you can limit yourself in volume and to the subject under discussion.

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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
My point is that your post has no relevance to this thread. Please put it into a thread where it has relevance. Putting it here makes you look like a troll.
I believe that this is more than appearance. This page-filling, incoherent blather is very typical trollishness.
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