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Default Bypassing unneeded TF assignments

The following are in the DC Cat 1 or 0 range and being held up by unneeded TF manual assignment to a user that is not doing appropriate work.
If you intend to DCs on these, post which ones you are taking so that we don't step on each other's toes. Mods maintain the list at will (remove those that are complete, strike through those that are spoken for.)

If George undoes the TF assignments, try to grab any that you have been working on as official assignments. Abandon any that you have queued, but not started.

DoubleCheck=N/A,52494023,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52495033,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52506599,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52519063,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52536181,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52551671,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52561757,73,1 <- ATH
DoubleCheck=N/A,52625407,73,1 <- Uncwilly
DoubleCheck=N/A,52625411,73,1 <- Uncwilly
DoubleCheck=N/A,52634639,73,1 <- Uncwilly
DoubleCheck=N/A,52634761,73,1 <- Uncwilly
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837289,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837307,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837313,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837459,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837469,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837493,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837657,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837849,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52837963,73,1 <- Jan S
DoubleCheck=N/A,52838111,73,1 <- Jan S

Last fiddled with by Uncwilly on 2020-07-12 at 23:58 Reason: Removed all unclaimed and done.
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Jan S
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Can i grab these?(last ten) Done in ~three weeks.


Last fiddled with by Jan S on 2020-07-09 at 23:09
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Sure, go for it.
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George has dumped the TF assignments. Edit your worktodo's to remove the N/A's and run a forced comms sending new completion dates.
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The first few exponents ATH is doing still have that TF assignment.
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