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Default OEIS Sequence issue

I have been looking at a couple of OEIS sequences and I think that the sequences have terms that are not correct for the sequence. Assuming I can prove that sequence has a mistake, what is the process to get it corrected? I do have an OEIS account, but changing a sequence that I think is "wrong" is probably not the right way to do it.

Also, what methods are used to verify the terms of the sequenced in the first place? How does OEIS prevent garbage from making it into its database?
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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
Also, what methods are used to verify the terms of the sequenced in the first place? How does OEIS prevent garbage from making it into its database?

After you edit a sequence you have to send your changes for review to an editor. There will always be an expert who checks your comments / corrections. There is also a discussion board about changes, so they generally give feedback and correct your additions. They also ultimately decide about publishing your changes, so you can savely edit a sequence and let editors have a look at it, guess that's the whole purpose of this procedure. Not sure what you do for term corrections, maybe cite the program / link the code in sequence comments? I'm sure you can find more information about editing in the FAQ of oeis.
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In most cases, just correct the wrong data, and write in the Extensions section what you did. E.g. write "Wrong entries a(10)-a(20) corrected and additional entries added by" and your name will be added after "by".

If the wrong sequence has had a long life, and may have been referred from many other places, maybe it is worth keeping it even if it is wrong. In that case, create a new sequence Ayyyyyy with the correct data. Rename the original entry to "Erroneous version of Ayyyyyy" and give it the "dead" keyword.

In any case, like matzetoni says, your changes will be reviewed before they are officially published, so if someone disagrees about your fix, they will write about that in the pink Discussion comments seen with the draft edits. So if you have doubts, be sure to check for Discussion after a while.

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