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Default Regenerating the worktodo files from PrimeNet?

Short version:
Well, after I finished the ~4K TF in 100M digits range, as per this discussion (post 330 onwards) I found out there are about 140 exponents left in my assignment page on PrimeNet. Can PrimeNet re-generate the "work to do" file, same as gpu-2-72 is doing? Or do I need to manually delete the remaining exponents from my PrimeNet list (unreserve)?

The initial idea was to get about 1k exponents, manual assignment, but I was unlucky to find the server in a "busy" period, or whatever else happened, no idea (bad internet connection?). When I tried to get 1k assignments, the list never downloaded completely, it crashed almost at the end, with "the query takes too much time" or so error. I clicked "refresh" two-three times until I realized that every time I click refresh he ends up in giving me ANOTHER bunch of (almost) 1k exponents. That is how I ended up with ~4k exponents, and I put all my power into them to take them one bit higher. I was enough clever to copy/paste them to a text file before clicking refresh, "just in case". And this is how I found out they are different. The task ended up today in the morning, when I reported every bit of the last chunk to PrimeNet (using manual form) and got the last 60 or so GD of credit from a total of about 640 GD brought by this task (0.089GD per exponent from 68 to 69 bits, doubled for each higher bitlevel). Now, after everything is finished, and I have NO EXPONENT left, all worktodo files are empty, there are still 140-150 exponents on my PrimeNet list. Those exponents never reached my monitor on the reservation process, they were lost on the way when "too slow querry" happened. So I could not "copy/paste" them into my worktodo files.

Now, I most probably need to delete them manually (unreserve) and get a new assignment (in case I want to continue doing this activity**), but use smaller steaks this time, which "fit on the monitor" over the web. This would make no problem for anyone (except me, who need to do the manual work, check 150 boxes and unreserve them).

The question was if there is any way to get them back as worktodo file, or either as a list of exponents, as GPU-2-72 is doing - regenerating the worktodo file. We are getting used very fast with the comfort...

I know I can recover them from the source code of the web page, including the assignment keys. But this is not elegant and need a lot of editing too...

** I may continue doing this, I am not sure, but it is "rewarding" spiritually, better then TF-ing smaller expos to higher bits. Maybe not so useful, but I like to try a bit of everything before fixing to something. I did a bit of TF, a bit of ECM, a bit of P-1, etc, to get "the feeling". Here I found 41 factors in 2-3 days, and I went through over 3500 expos, so that is what I mean when I say "rewarding".

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I recall a post a few months ago where someone created a program to get the AID keys by looking at the "source" of the assignments page HTML.

Would that be a good start?
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Yes, the HTML source contains the AIDs in the table, it's just that they're not displayed. If you right click anywhere on the page and click "save this page" as html, you ought to be able to use you favorite scripting language (Perl, Python, awk, sed, etc.) to easily reconstruct the worktodo.
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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
I recall a post a few months ago where someone created a program to get the AID keys by looking at the "source" of the assignments page HTML.

Would that be a good start?
Yes, the program I made is here. The idea is to check the source of the assignment page to get AID and the factor depth from exponent status page.
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