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May 2004

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Unhappy LL-Test always resumes from 0.00%


I'm actually testing 33912061 on a P4-2600.
After finishing Stage 1 and Stage 2 the LL-Test started.

Now everytime the program starts, it begins from 0.00%. according to other posts I checked if any file is write-protected or if prime.ini and local.ini are missing. I have also a pX912061 and rX912061 file. Every 10000 iterations the program writes to results.txt and when closing the program it saves something to rX...

Do I need an internet connection before starting the LL-Test? Screen output is:
Mersenne number primality test program version 23.8
Dial-up connection not active.
Will try to contact server again in 300 minutes.
Starting primality test of M33912061
[..] Iteration 100/33912061 [0.00%]...

There is no file starting with "m" in the folder as mentioned in another post.

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"Richard B. Woods"
Aug 2002
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The save files whose names begin with "m" are produced during P-1 factoring, not L-L testing.
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I think Prime95 writes the LL testing save file with the name rX912061 and then renames it to pX912061 if the write was successful. The fact that rX912061 is left behind could mean an I/O error happened.

If you have not done many iterations you could delete the rX912061 and pX912061 files from Prime95's directory before restarting and see if that helps. Also check that you have enough disk space, I think about 8MB is needed.

It shouldn't matter if there is no internet connection when the test starts.
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The program is trying to contact the server to send the results of the P-1 test. Connect to the Internet and let it send them. It takes less then 10 seconds, and it will bother you no more.... As for the rest of your post, it is normal that you don´t have files beginning with m anymore, since you have already finished P-1; check the interval between writing save files to disk, and set it to 15 minutes or so. As the LL test progresses, check the properties of the p and q files to make sure they are being updated. Also make sure you close Prime95 and/or shutdown Windows properly every time you interrupt work. I know all this sounds pretty obvious, but if everything is set up properly, the program should work normally (i.e. pick up the test right from where it was interrupted). Finally, consider not interrupting work at all. Leave your computer on H24. It won´t do any harm (on the contrary, PCs are better off if always on), and the test will progress much faster ...
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May 2004

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thanks for your responses.
I deleted the save files and resuming works now...
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Is this a new problem?
Sounds pretty familiar.
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I ran into this problem just now. Prime95 restarted the LL test after about the 65000th iteration, and it would also restart whenever I exited and reentered the program. Changing the memory settings and priority didn't work.

I had a pX______ and rX______ file, and no qX_______ file. I deleted the pX______ and rX______ files and restarted the program. It wrote a new pX______ file and qX______ file, and it did not write an rX______ file. It got past the 70000th iteration, and restarting the program did not make the LL test restart at 0.00%.

The ONE thing that changed with my computer is that I unplugged it for three weeks while I was moving. I can't imagine why this would do anything, but then again I can't imagine why this problem would have occured in the first place.

I think the problem is fixed. I doubt I'll remember, but if I do, I'll let you know if the test finishes up.
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rX----- files has created during a transitory period when a new checkpoint is written. Instead of moving pX---- to qX----- and then writing a new pX----- which may result in data loss if there is trouble writing a file, rX---- is used as a temporary file. In general there should not be an rX---- file visible except if the computer was shutdown at the very instant when the file was being written - or is your disk was full.

Everything should operate normally now if your disk is not full anymore!
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