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Jan 2004

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Unhappy Windows Application error Prime95?

Ok I like to use prime95 to test my systems. Usauly If you get a error an you adjust this RMA that ect.
Right now every time I run the torture test it will go around the 24 hour range then I will get a Windows XP application error with Prime95? It has been consistant in doing this, no prime errors just windows errors.

running a Asus P4C800 DLX with a 3.0c 800fsb CPU
I have tried adjusting memory settings but does not seem to help any.

I am going to try to run it without Hyperthreading and see if the CPU might be a issue.

I did reinstall windows to see if that was it, but that didn't help.

Anyone else seen this problem?
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"Patrik Johansson"
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What version of prime95 are you running? Have you read this
so you are not using the occasionally buggy v 23.7 client?

Also, are your temperatures normal?
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Jan 2004

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Yea I've checked the temps and they are fine.
I will try the other version off Prime from that thread.
But my Abit IC7-G (same chipset) , and the Same 1gig of Mushkin 3200 Ram with a 2.6c@3.25 runs it with no problems.

Thanks for the info.
Hope its something simple.

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Jan 2004

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Looks like Prime95 23.7 may have been the problem,
Running 23.8 now big differance on speed goes throught the tests alot faster.
So far im up to 24 hours of stress testing without a problem going for another 24 and I'll call it good.

Thanks, hope that was the only issuse.
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