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Default A dream, will stay a dream ( new Nvidia Quadro)

So, Nvidia has announced a new Quadro card
Quadro GV100 GPU, a 32GB V100 GPU, and Nvidia's new NVSwitch 
technology that allows up to 16 GPUs to work in tandem
 The GV100 can deliver up to 7.4 TeraFLOPS of double-precision
and 14.8 TeraFLOPS of single precision.
The NVSwitch topology ties 16 GPUs together into a single cohesive
 unit  with a unified memory space, creating what Jensen touted as
 "The World's  Largest GPU." The system features a total of 512GB
 of HBM2 memory that  delivers up to 14.4TB/s of throughput.
Huang reveled that the DGX-2 features 12 NVSwitches, each of which
 features 12 billion transistors fabbed on TSMC's 12nm FinFET process.
  Each switch features eighteen 8-bit NVLink connections. IBM has  announced
 Power9 systems that will debut in 2019 with NVLink 3.0, so we  expect 
NVSwitch to capitalize on that complementary interconnect. 

Huang announced that the DGX-2 system is available now for $399,000.
Well , who would want to run DC on that?

ref :,36748.html

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