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Default Optimum amount of RAM for P-1 testing

I was just wondering if there was an optimum amount of RAM for P-1 testing. I currently have a gig of ram (letting prime 95 use 850 of it). At the moment when i do P-1 testing, it uses all of it. I was just wondering if there is a limit to the amount of RAM that would be used by a P-1 test.

For example, if I went and bought another 512mb, would this help out in P-1 testing or would it just be a waste. Would it speed up the testing or would it just be more thorough???
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My guess is you've long passed the point of diminishing returns. Save the money.
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I've got a box that I'm "Testing" for a couple weeks, and it's got enough memory to go around...

If I try to put anything higher then 1842 in the "Available Memory" box, I receive the message "Please enter an integer between 8 and 1842" (The box has more then enough memory to run 2 P-1's test with 1842 available memory assigned to both tests - Yes, it's a work box, and I can't run P95 on it when it goes into production... )

So far, 2 P-1 factors found out 32 tested (18 left to go) with the memory set to 1842.

Even with 1842 in the box, Prime95 only uses about 1300MB when P-1 testing 11M exponents.

I don't think the extra memory really helps that much, but it's fun to see it being used
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why 1842?
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