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Talking some prime-related trick questions

Bored? Give these tests to your friends! :D

1. Some natural numbers have two factors. Some have three, some have four, and so on. How many have one factor?

2. Before 26,972,593 - 1 was discovered, what was the largest Mersenne prime whose exponent was less than 10 million?

3. Find the factors of the prime number 213,466,917 -1.

4. (This one's sorta dumb.) You want to do some math work with Prime95, MFAC (for double-Mersenne numbers), and Proth.exe (for Proth and other primes), but you only want one program to be running at once. Which do you load first?


1. All of them. Every natural number has at least one factor. Notice how I didn't use the word "exactly"?

2. 26,972,593 - 1. It was always there, even before it is discovered.

3. 1 and 213,466,917 - 1. Notice the word "prime".

4. Your computer.
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On a more serious note, would this have been better to post in the solved puzzles section, because technically, the solution has already been given?
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