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Default Primenet Error 87

A few days ago one of my PC's got the above error while trying to return a factoring result to the server. I followed the instructions on the FAQ page to rename prime.spl to save-prime.spl and to e-mail my results.txt file to George. This same PC just got this same error when it asked the server for more factoring exponents. I have Prime95 versions 24.6.1 and 23.5.1 on this PC (23.5.1 was renamed when 24.6.1 was downloaded) and both versions get the same error code. I know that the server is up and has exponents because another PC just returned a result and got new work. Anybody have any ideas?
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Default Still Getting Error Code 87 Messages

One of my PCs running Prime95 version 24.6 starting getting Error code 87 messages every time it tries to connect to the Primenet server. It successfully asked for more work on 02/24/05 and updated its status on 03/04/05. The error messages began on 03/08/05. It has been running version 24.6 since George first made it available and has successfully submitted several factoring results using this version. Since version 23.5 on this same computer gets the same error message, I am on how to proceed. So far I have two factoring results to return to the server and am factoring the last number in my worktodo.ini file. Pretty soon it will be out of work to do and that makes me .
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You could try :

Create a new folder,
get a fresh copy of Prime95.exe,
copy in worktodo.ini from old folder
run Prime95 click Just stress testing.
copy in prime.ini from old folder
copy in prime.spl from old folder

create file primenet.ini with the following as the only line

Activate advanced menu
select Manual Communication
Check Do not contact PrimeNet server automatically
Check Contact PrimeNet server now
click OK
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Default Found it!

Thank you dsouza123 for your suggestions. They helped me put my debugging hat on and I just found out what was causing my Error Code 87 errors. The PrimeNet server does not like the ComputerID value in the local.ini file to contain the "+" character. My problem began when I renamed this PC from the original default ComputerID assigned by the PrimeNet server to "ComputerID=AMD_K6-III+". Changing this value to "ComputerID=AMD_K6-III" solved my Error Code 87 problem and allowed me to report my completed trial factoring exponents.

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