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Exclamation Perl

There are several books on proper Perl style and practice; some are quite thick. That's not a good sign. C, whatever one can say about its awful declaration syntax, can look like pseudocode without much effort, and only gives you enough rope to hang yourself. By contrast, Perl provides enough rope to hang everyone on the project.

A poor C programmer can create work for two good C programmers to correct. A poor Perl programmer can create enough maintenance work for six good Perl programmers. I saw a real mess last year. It didn't take long to write, but it will never be corrected, short of a complete re-write.

I would avoid Perl on any project I expect to be collaborative, unless I already know the collaborators.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
We use Logo.

We don't get much done but we have fun doing it.
You should try HAL/S
You will get more done.
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while we're sorta on the topic...
anyone have the any of the prolific documentation that was done for Jovial? especially complete language specifications?

the System Development Corporation documents seem impossible to find, I've had several research librarians try to find them at my university, to no avail.

And the (complete) main Jovial manual can only be found at Auburn University. The librarians there will NOT answer my inquiries, and even if they would my University (in Canada) refuses to get books from the States for undergraduates.

oh right and the US gov. won't send me anything either (even though I'm US resident...) because they say I have to be in the DOD or a commercial contractor.

any help would be greatly appreciated...
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