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Default restarting nfs linear algebra

I am working on nfs(C150);
yafu-x64 nfs("910228544505856271499512964588112953508458165918840325482945499883933020732986406703156017711051273594719941199088546496957818449466583087491785987367") -R -pbatch 10

System: Windows 10 [Version 10.0.14393]

The yafu has started with linear algebra, and after reaching around 5% was successfully stopped by Ctrl-C.
But after resuming the screen show that it starts from beginning

line 0 = 97206476373,13376:481b91f,187b4115,3EBD,10795,30FBEF,5,7:1b5ee833,5D67,48509,2AACC1,B2B7A3,1535767,11,1BB,5C9,6AD,3,2,2,2,1D35987
line 1 = -15346760573,8766:233fc27,6c65875,335F,DEE3,15B,1A3,151F:1f934b3,75ce6d5,4ABF9,9428F,367039,9A6B89,AC3F75,3,3,3,7,B,2,1D35987
line 2 = 29213044573,5370:210D,2A73,310D77,563159,D,7F,13D,337,83F:12d2c9af,99570a7,2E07,102361,DF94B9,128C13B,3,17,1D,33B,7,2,1D35987
line 3 = 198470938849,3788:7f112f5,1E6F7F,858D99,BD2C8F,5,7,425:5b376a1,1ed37119,1E5BF,3DBD7,2B4C5F,6B2603,3,3,67,13D,20B,D,D,2,2,1D35987
nfs: commencing nfs on c150: 910228544505856271499512964588112953508458165918840325482945499883933020732986406703156017711051273594719941199088546496957818449466583087491785987367
nfs: resuming with filtering
nfs: commencing msieve filtering
read 10M relations
read 20M relations
read 30M relations
read 40M relations
nfs: commencing msieve linear algebra
linear algebra completed 8593 of 4133587 dimensions (0.2%, ETA 14h16m)

some files ara attached.

What is happening ?
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Assuming you're using Msieve, you should be able to resume Linear Algebra from a saved checkpoint with the "-ncr" command option.
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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
Assuming you're using Msieve, you should be able to resume Linear Algebra from a saved checkpoint with the "-ncr" command option.

Yes, indeed it works, thank You very much. I can't translate this from my language, but we do say "you hit issue of issue".

Regards, cubaq
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