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Sep 2002

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Default Any glory in double checking?

Just wondering what you guys thought... For a guy who only has one computer is there any glory in only doing double checking?
If not I'll stick with the 10mils

Eagerly awaiting M40 =0
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Aug 2002

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No glory in DCs. But a lot of fun.

You might think about picking a range of exponents that are not currently being done through PrimeNet. Say the 23, 25 or 27Ms. They aren't 10mil digits but who knows, you might find M41 or M42.
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Sep 2003

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In June 2000, a mysterious prediction was made to the Mersenne mailing list that "M40" would be in the range of 13M:

Sure enough, M39 = 13466917 was discovered 15 months later.

The same guy predicted a prime between 10.5M and 11.4M... and the leading-edge of double checking has just recently moved into the 10.6M range.

If you believe this prediction, there may just be some glory in double checking after all...
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Sep 2002
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You go through more numbers when in DC (because they are smaller). This increases your odds some, however DC work is mainly for early generation (and Celeron) like computers. I run a few DC machines for good measure.
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Mar 2003
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If nothing else, doing a double check now and then will give you peace of mind that the other results you are turning in are good.
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Jun 2003
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There's a 1 percent chance that LLs are wrong, and there are probably hundreds of LLs so it could be.
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