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Default v5 alpha and beta testing game plan

I'm almost afraid to post this after Old Man Primenet stirred up premature expectations well over a year ago. This process is going to be long and tough. Anyway, here goes:

Alpha Test phase - shake out client bugs, finalize client features, load test v5 server, work on v5 server web pages

1) Version 25.3 will be available to run against the v4 server. There are many UI refinements that are needed using your input. I'll start a separate thread for feedback. Comm bugs and multi-threading bugs can be found and fixed.
2) With a simple INI file setting, the version 25.3 client can communicate with the v5 server instead. A few users will be invited to work with Scott by email (his preferred communication method) to create a v5 user ID and do LMH factoring on exponents above 79.3 million. The ideal client is an older machine (Athlon, P3, etc) as LMH factoring takes only a few seconds and generates lots of network traffic. You will likely receive no CPU credit for this work (v5 stats will likely be zeroed when beta testing begins). In addition to load testing you can provide valuable feedback on the v5 server's assignment tracking, results, and stats pages.

Beta Test phase - all work types available, v4 and v5 servers operate on distinct ranges

1) Many more users can join in v5 testing. All work types will be available.

Production - v5 server manages all assignments and results. V4 clients still work, but v4 web pages and stats cease to work.

1) All users will be encouraged to switch to the v5 server and new client software.

When might this all this happen? The tentative schedule below is complicated by 3 vacations I'll be taking between now and mid-October. Also, there is still a fair amount of v5 server work to do (manual web forms, more reports, data backups I can download over the Internet, etc.) before we can switch from alpha testing to beta testing.

I'll make version 25.3 shortly. Hopefully before I go on vacation June 21. After a two week vacation, I can fix bugs and implement suggested changes to the client software.

Meanwhile, depending on Scott's work/vacation schedule, load testing and critiquing the v5 server can begin.

During this alpha test period, Scott and I will continue to test the v5 server with dummy LL, TF, P-1, and double-check results. If all goes well we could be ready in late August. However, that would be right as I'm leaving for vacation. A mid-to-late September date is probably more reasonable. Any delays will run into my early October vacation, so it isn't hard to imagine this slipping into late October.

I would expect a very lengthy beta period as we want to make sure everything is working properly and the "v4 server relaying results and assignment requests to the v5 server" code needs to be written and tested. I'd guess the best case scenario is January 2008 for a production release.

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Old man PrimeNet
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Mea culpa, I was distracted with a nuclear physics project and my flying habit.

The v5 server is populating itself with 46.2 million alpha test LMH factoring assignments (p>79.3M) as I write this.
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We're gonna party like it's 1997 all over again. :)

Paulie (I think I was the 4th primenet beta tester)
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The ideal client is an older machine (Athlon, P3, etc) as LMH factoring takes only a few seconds and generates lots of network traffic.
I have an Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8Ghz I can use for this. Can also use my main machine if needed (P4 Prescott 3.4 Ghz).
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I can make an Athlon 1200 available for alpha-testing.
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I would like in if i can

team crash
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I own a Athlon XP 1800 (palomino core) and will be more than happy to put it at work on alpha and/or beta testing.

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James Heinrich
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I'm in (my Northwood 3.0C isn't doing anything special).
I'm especially interested if you get around to needing v5-capable x64 client testing (Vista64).
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There seems to be plenty of activity in the v25.3 thread. How is the new server coming along?
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I'd like to volunteer for v5 server testing if needed.
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I have an idle Celeron 1.8 GHz to put to the test if needed, just give us instructions

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