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Smile Completion Date prediction Based on 24/7 Estimate?


I run mprime on a intel core 2 duo 2,5 GHz Mac.
When i set up mprime it asked me how many hours i wished to use per day.
I set 1 Hour per day.

I then was assigned a number from the GIMPS server.
The completion date was estimated to be 12 of December.

"[Comm thread Nov 20 12:15] Sending expected completion date for M62245723: Dec 12 2009"

I failed to figure out if this estimate was for 1 hour a day, or estimated based on 24/7 usage.

I humbly seek your help. Thanks in advance:)
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It should be based on 1 hour/day, but it looks like the estimation is off by quite a bit. It's saying it should finish in about 22 days. Based on this benchmark, running 24/7 it should take closer to 58 days. If it got 1 CPU hour/day, single-threaded, it would take more like 1392 days, or closer to 4 years! If you're unable to give it more than just one CPU hour per day, you might want to consider running smaller chunks of work on this laptop, such as TF (trial factoring, it's one of the options for what to run in Test > Worker Windows).
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It should be based on 1 hr/day.

Mini-Geek - if you check the exponent you will notice it is assigned for Trial factoring from 68-69. So the Dec date makes sense.
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Default Thank you for the reply

I am the threadstarter.

It seems that you are both right. I am only testing a part of the prime, and can now see that it does indeed base the estimate on 1hour a day.

The benchmarking site was new for me, and certainly gave me some food for thought:)

I would love to have mprime running 24/7, but after an hour it becomes so hot that I become nervous.

Thank you for the quick and informative replys:)
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