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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Do you think foreign militaries in Iraq are inhibiting terrorists from coming to the US or UK _now_? If so, just how are those foreign militaries accomplishing that?
That's been my thought, though I didn't write it. It seems so logical, I assumed there was some bit of knowledge I was lacking that made Bush's position more sound.

Oh, how I wish there'd been a more attractive(politically attractive) Democratic candidate for president in the last election.
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I think it is interesting to view the cost of the war to this point. Apparently there has been close to 500 billion (5e11) American dollars appropriated for the war to this point. Some estimates believe that it will cost another 500 billion before the war is over. This does not include the cost to pay for the thousands of military personnel who are seriously disabled due to head or neck injuries. Some estimates run that total between 1 trillion and 2 trillion dollars over the life of those individuals.

I'm bothered by how much of that has been lost and is unaccounted for. I'm also bothered by the profiteering by companies across the world, especially those in the U.S. We were supposed to help rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq, but due to graft and corruption it isn't happening. There is little or no oversight as to where the money is going once it is put into the hands of the contractors. Of course the president and congress would prefer to think that it is just the cost of war and would prefer to ignore these problems. How many of them are profiteering through stock they own in companies such as Halliburton, BP, etc?

On a side note I have a friend who is disabled from the first Iraq war and is unable to work. He lives in constant pain due to a neck injury. The VA would prefer to spend thousands of dollars a year medicating him (unsuccessfully) instead of surgery to fix the underlying problem. They've told him that they won't pay for surgery unless he cannot walk.
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