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Default Cleaning up after it's fixed.

Ok, back in July I had a proxy server problem like this one, and it took some time for me to restore communication with primenet. While I was working on it, I grabbed an exponent using the form page on primenet.

After I'd made the proxy server happy, my pc finished the exponent and sent the results in (oops!). But my Individual account report said I was still working on it with -19 days to go. So I tried submitting the results using the form page (as I should have to begin with), but it still won't take it.

Has the database been updated and primenet is just confused by the exponent? In that case I can wait the 60 days for it to disappear.

If not, how do I resolve this? I'd email the results line to George, but he's still on vacation, right?

Thanks, Bruce
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