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Originally Posted by kuratkull View Post
I would have written the same if the license said that you have to perform an interpretive dance in public when you find a prime.They have a strange license because they do not ask me to notify the users of binary files at all of the license conditions. So if someone downloads the software and doesn't know about that license point then they and GIMPS will have a totally different understanding of the situation. From a license perspective I have to considered the issue as if every user finds a new Mersenne prime.
You could have the program die if you tried to test k=1. That would nullify the effect of that gwnum clause.

Also, I heard back from Jean. He said that we can do whatever we want with his LLR code, but it's distributed "as is" and with no warranty. I know this is a side issue now, but that's good to know for future reference.

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Haha, at dying on k=1. It's so crazy it might just work. Or I just print out a special warning when using k=1. Though the license does not put the burden of notifying the user on me.

Also Jean's LLR64 is under the same license restrictions because his code links to the same libraries and he distributes binaries in statically linked form. If you download LLR64 and use it to find a new Mersenne prime then it belongs to the GIMPS project. Though I think LLR64 is possibly not in violation of the licenses the same way RPT is not. But it would be nice if he would plop a MIT or BSD or whatever permissive license into his source code.

The gwnum license might not even hold up in court if someone would take it that far...
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