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Red face Upgrade to v5 server -- v4 completion not sent

I created an account on the v5 server and also upgraded my Prime95 (24.14 to 25.9) installation on a Windows XP Pro system. Unfortunately, the last work which had completed with the old version had failed to contact the server before the upgrades.

It's been over an hour and it doesn't look like the (nice!) new version is going to send the result for me.

What's the best way to get the results back to the organization? Can I start the old version of Prime95 in the backup directory and let it complete again? The backup snapshot is at 99.7%.

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If there is a file called prime.spl, then you can probably just do a manual communication (Advanced->Manual communication; password is 9876). You should be able to communicate using the old client. I've never tried copying the prime.spl to a new version of Prime95, so I don't know whether that would be OK as well.
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Go to the manual submission page on the new web server and paste/upload your results.txt. It will register all missing results. Be sure to log in with your v5 ID to get credit.

Edit: patrik, the v4 prime.spl is not compatible with the v5.

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Thanks guys, the manual results entry worked great.
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