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Default Extra Stuff...

You all wouldn't believe the number of emails I get asking for additional non-GIMPS-related forums...

I understand that most people might agree that extra forums would be fun, but having 42 forums on the homepage is a bit extreme... Plus, we don't want to overwhelm the guy who is coming here looking for GIMPS help...

So what do we do?

As a test, I have created a private usergroup called "Extra Stuff"... People who sign up for this group can see the extra forums and people who like it the way it is now can just do nothing and continue as if nothing has changed...

You can sign up here...

With this new deal, we have to lay out a few rules...

Since the potential topic material might be a bit more controversial, moderation of these new forums will be swift and decisive... In most cases users will be warned first... It is possible to ban someone from "Extra Stuff" and not ban them from the GIMPS stuff...

Now, if you totally dislike this idea all you have to do is not sign up and everything will stay the same for you...

Over the next few hours I will add additional thoughts here... I also encourage you to express any concerns you might have...

Please keep all discussion about this in this thread so we don't intrude on those who have no interest...

It may even be a good idea to move a forum or two that is currently on the home page to this new area...

Our goal is threefold...

1) Support GIMPS! (Our original goal!)
2) Have fun and learn!
3) Take over the world!

Seriously though, I know I much prefer to hang out with you all than go elsewhere for companionship... From the emails I have received over the last few months I think there are quite a few of you all out there who agree...

Until we get everything worked out, the new area will be read only... I need to scare up a few moderators first and we need to come up with some forum titles... There will be a test forum to make sure you can post and stuff, but please delete your post afterwards...

There's no rush either... Let's do this right!
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From the look of things, we could even have a different group for each new forum and you could subscribe to each one individually...

I'm not sure that would be worth the trouble, but it does offer a few interesting possibilities...

I noticed that I have to "approve" every new request to join the group before it will let you in... So if it takes me a few hours to get to you don't be discouraged!

(I think the system emails me every time there is a new request.)
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In the new area I have posted a 3 day poll to see what our first extra forum should be... You have to sign up, as mentioned above, to see this poll and to vote...
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Our first extra forum is now open... For now it is called "Soap Box" until we can think of something more clever... It is for discussion about current events, social issues and any other debatable topic...
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Default New forum

I belong to and I have codes to make journals if any one would be intrested in making a GIMPS page on LJ I am willing to give up a code for it. or I can make it. its up to the people here.

Oh BTW I just joind GIMPS today This will be fun I teach math to highschool kids. I have told them about this I may give extra credit to those that downlaod GIMPS

Oh yes if there is already a GIMPS live journal some one please tell me.

Aslo you all can add me to any IM's you like I'll talk to everyone
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you may want to make it "download and effectively run gimps and arrive at usable results", since merely downloading it doesn't do much for our cause
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Bemusing Prompter
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How about just a general "off-topic" board? :)
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Just a note about signatures... They tend to interupt the flow of reading so we try to not use them... Put you link on your profile and people can find it that way... Thanks for understanding!
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I'm not sure about the logic behind hiding the existence of the "extra stuff". What are you doing there? Passing Warez and Porn?

I can see the logic in not taking up much room on the main page, but I thought you indicated that you could have sub-forums. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave the forums open, but collectively occupy only one slot at the top level?

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That is the plan now... This thread is really doesn't matter anymore...
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We have a general "off topic" board already.

It's called "Lounge".

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