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Default a 27 digit twin prime pair

I found this pair of 27 digit twin primes:

1- 149907114776274341482621993
2- 149907114776274341482621991

I would know if it is possible with Pari or Pfgw to find the next and the previous pair of twin primes?
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Yes, it is possible, and it takes less than a second to run.

gp > n=149907114776274341482621993; while((m=nextprime(n+1))-n>2, n=m); n
%1 = 149907114776274341482622207

The other direction exercise for you.
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Default 149907114776274341482621993

149907114776274341482621993 is the concatenation in base ten of the prime factors of 25!-1
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