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Default GPU72 + Colab multiple assignments

For the past week or so, I've been completing several P-1 and TF assignments per day using GPU72's program on Colab, but lately I seem to be getting multiple assignments for the same notebook access key, even when the previous ones aren't complete.

I use multiple Google accounts, for work/home/personal/etc. to get more time on Colab, and it seems to assign them more often when I switch accounts (to bypass the GPU connection issue). I am still using the same notebook access key, so it seems strange that it would start a brand new assignment and not finish the old one until a day or two later.

Is this normal?
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Originally Posted by windowfrog View Post
Is this normal?

The system has no way of knowing that an assignment has stopped being worked on by an instance, rather than a temporary networking issue. So, GPU72 won't reissue work to complete until there's been no reporting on it for 20 minutes.

You *will* get all your assignments reissued to you, continuing from where you last reported from.
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gotcha, thanks for clarifying!
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