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Default Pseudoprimality Hypothesis for Specific Class of Generalized Fermat Numbers


Let P_m(x)=2^{-m}\cdot \left(\left(x-\sqrt{x^2-4}\right)^{m}+\left(x+\sqrt{x^2-4}\right)^{m}\right) , where m and x are nonnegative integers .


Let F_n(b)=b^{2^n}+1 such that n>1 , b is even , 3 \not\mid b and 5\not\mid b .

Let S_i=P_b(S_{i-1}) with S_0=P_{b/2}(P_{b/2}(8)) , thus

F_n(b) is prime iff S_{2^n-2} \equiv 0 \pmod{F_n(b)}

PARI/GP implementation

for(i=1,2^n-2, s=2*polchebyshev(b,1,s/2));
You can run this code here .

List of generalized Fermat primes sorted by base .
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Originally Posted by primus View Post
List of generalized Fermat primes sorted by base .
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