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Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
Funny you mention that. I had started work on that k in late February, but I had suspended work on my local PRPNet servers for a bit in March to work on the GIMPS PRP-CF-DC backlog. I have since resumed work on both clients. That k is currently at n=288k, and I should get to n=300k by the end of this week. You can take over from there.

OK I'll start testing within a couple of days for n=300k-500k. Thanks.
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k=14549535 is complete for n=300K-500K, 5 primes were found shown below, the k is released. Happy is still working on a double-check for n=125K-300K.

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The aforementioned double-check of k=14549535 for n=125k-300k is complete. In addition to the known primes, the following new primes were found:
  • 14549535*2^149070-1
  • 14549535*2^160953-1
  • 14549535*2^161852-1
  • 14549535*2^180548-1
  • 14549535*2^199042-1
  • 14549535*2^204177-1
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