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That corrects the password problem. I'm still getting this exact message in a Windows box:

Failed to get server address (tight hextile zlib copyrect corre rre).
Did you type the host name correctly?
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May 2007
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Well, I decided to compare your current version to the previous one that you had given me. I found the text that states what it said in the Windows box about "tight hextile" and removed it.

Low and behold, that worked.

My question to you is: Why were 2 things changed that caused bugs? Wasn't all that was needed was to change the IP address of menu options 1 and 7?

So, you've correct the "max" to "gary", I've removed the "tight hextile" gibberish, and I've also found one more bug and 2 nitpicks that I've now corrected:

1. (bug) The last 3 digits of the IP address on the "elsif" on menu option 10 should be 109 not 108.

2. (nit) This is version 0.3 not 0.1. You had me make a change last year that made it 0.2.

3. (nit) "elsif($menunumber == 12)..." line should be "elsif($menunumber > 11)...". That is...what if I put in 13 or 99 or something? It does nothing.

I've corrected all of these. Attached is the corrected version. Please use it for future modifications. I can now access my machines.

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Last fiddled with by gd_barnes on 2009-11-21 at 12:31
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Hmm...strange. In my experience, the "tight hextile ..." part was needed (or at least the "tight" part of it), or else vncviewer would use "raw" encoding, because it thinks it's connecting to localhost (since with the SSH tunnel in place, VNC is actually talking to On a localhost connection like that, "raw" encoding is fastest, but when you're going over a network or the Internet, "tight" is fastest. Thus, I needed to specify it literally.

Do you by chance have your original version of the script around, the one that you used prior to the switch to dumpford and which worked fine for quite a while? If so, could you post it here? I'd like to see if there's any particular difference in that one as compared to the one I sent you. It's possible the one I modified for you this time around was based off my Linux version of the script, and not the Windows one I sent you before. That could possibly cause problems like you described.
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