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I have now gotten responses from all people that I sent PM's to about their reservations in this area. Here are the changes:

1. Thomas is unreserving his 25 k's. So we'll include those in our drive.

2. James (Beyond) is unreserving k=2385 after searching it to n=500K. He is still continuing on k=2741 but has already reached n=1M with it. So we'll include both of those in our drive.

3. Karsten officially unreserved his 5 k's for k=3001 to 3009. So we'll include those.

It's rather remarkable but it looks like we will only be pulling 6 k's out of our k=2000-3400 drives. Either they have all been unreserved or if still reserved, they have already been searched to (almost) n=600K. k's to be pulled out are as follows:

k=3345 reserved by RPS's 8th drive. It is currently at n=537K minus a straggling range or two.

k=2055, 2085, 2115, and 2175 reserved by sjtjung. He started these at n=400K and appears to currently be at n>450K. Search depth status should be reported later today.

k=2041 reserved by henryzz. It is currently at n=500K.

I have now updated the spreadsheet and text file attached to the previous posts to show the most recent status of current and formerly reserved k's. If you are searching in this area and haven't reached n=600K, please take a final look to make sure we haven't missed anything.

That turned out to be much easier than I expected.

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