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Default Website is not able to calculate?


I registred on this page on 2008-12-27 and I found a curious point on my profile page:

Stats for the last 365 days:

TypeRankofGHz daysCountTF1026283815.03081692LL-D62171017.08671ECM1342302.077791Overall1934354534.19521784


TypeRankofGHz daysCountTF1026284215.03421694LL-D62171017.08671ECM1412372.077791Overall1934354934.19861786

How is it possible, that I have more TF in my lifetime than in the last 365 days, even though i am not even 365 days registred... :)
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It is just that you completed two 0,0017 GHz-days jobs between the time the last 365 days totals and the lifetime totals were computed.

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