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I opted for more Q8400 and Q9400 systems rather than picking up a hotrod i7. Price is a definite factor for me. I go for the 2 lessor quads than the one i7 as I try and keep with the view of not putting too many eggs in one basket as it takes time to get those eggs replaced when they break. :-)
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In the UK the i7 920 is cheaper than most of the 45nm quads.
Motherboards are a little bit more pricey though and you do have to get DDR3 ram.

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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
It also overclocks very easily to 3.5GHz, effectively producing about the same amount of work of 2 Q6600 quad cores.
Let's not compare a running horse to a standing bull.
Q6600 OCs very decently, too, so factor in its stable performance at 3.2GHz (and no prime95 errors in ~100 LLs turned in).
But surely, some 9xxx or 8xxx are a good choice, too. Consider all params together and in moderation!

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How about Q8200 instead of Q6600? i can get a Q8200 system for $400-450 and Q6600 will cost me approx $100-150 more.

Will Q8200 perform @ the same level as Q6600? given it has approx 200million less transistor count than Q6600.

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You have to be careful not to get a chip with too small a cache.
The larger N's crunch very slowly on chips with small caches.

For example i have a couple of dual cores here currently doing work in the 700-800K range.
An e4400 with 2Mb cache takes 750 secs
An e2200 with 1Mb cache takes 1500 secs
both of them are clocked the same to around 2.6Ghz
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