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Default New build with ECC ram

It's time to build a new box, the old junk doesn't cut it anymore.

Does anyone have comments on direct hand experience with ECC memory?

I haven't made the final choice yet but looks like it will be a Supermicro boart (will link choice once made). I'm looking at LGA2011, so with the Supermicro I could go the ECC route and install 128 GB. Trouble is, this requires a Xeon. These can be expensive but I do get the option of 8 cores, so why not.

What may be the best choice, say for 8 x 16 GB sticks? I will likely ask the supplier to fit and test before delivery but I want some advice, I don't want to get taken or cut any corners here.

I plan to run at least 4 cores on P-1 and the rest on LL, perhaps the 100M monsters, where the ECC would be most useful.


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I have an ASUS KGPE-D16 dual Opteron 6272 that uses 128Gb of ECC memory located here. Before I installed it the system was unstable with 64Gb, but now it's flawless. The board supports 1600, but 1333 was all I could afford since it took 16 of those to get 128Gb.

The AMD portion of the system isn't great, but I'm sure any 2011 system with ECC will be awesome.

BTW - In 6 months I've only had 3 memory errors (corrected by ECC). They all happened at the same time during high solar activity earlier this year.
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