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Default Suggestions for new Prime95 release

I´m using v25.7 b4 Prime95 Windows 64 Bit version.

I have some, mainly usability related, suggestions to improve the software.

- Test -> Worker Windows

I own a Quad Core and wanted to use 2 cpu threads for two worker threads. That was kind of confusing because if I setup 4 cpu´s the program says I have too much threads for my cpus.

I would be more intuitive if I could just say I have that number of cpus and for instance want to share the 3 threads for worker thread 1 and 1 for worker thread 2.

Under Linux it´s more difficult (even after editing the local.txt) - I couldn´t activate more than one thread for every worker thread.

- If I want to unreserve a number I have to type it in. How about just right click in the worker thread window and klick on unreserve?

- The minutes between writing on disk is too high. What about setting the default installation value to 10?

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