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Default 288GB RAM for servers

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This is an annoying product, since MetaRAM claim that the 8G modules are commercially available, and list two suppliers neither of whom have it anywhere visible.

Crucial have 4Gbyte and 8Gbyte DDR2 registered DIMMs, as well as the fully-buffered ones they've had for ages, but that seems to be normal DDR2 using large devices rather than MetaRAM. $43 for 2G, $199 for 4G, $1730 for 8G; you can see why MetaRAM can see a market here ...
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This would be a fun computer to play with…
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
This would be a fun computer to play with…
Is that the gerbil's ghost, one of the other assistants, or just Xyzzy typing with small text for some reason?
At first I thought that was in bytes and that it was a really small amount for 64 (!) CPUs, then I realized that was in MB, not B! That's ~32 GB of RAM per CPU.
I agree that it'd be fun. Imagine how fast you could double check M45 over 64 threads! Or finish 64 numbers every X amount of time (although I suppose memory bandwidth would make it far more efficient, in the number of CPUs to the work produced, not cost and power draw, to have 64 single or 32 dual cores).

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The big question is: Can it run Crysis???
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