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Default LLRnet private server

I was running a private llrnet server for a few friends. I think it's time to publish its address just in case someone wants to join the fun of prime hunting.

serverName = ""
port = 500
jobMaxTime = 2 days

The server is handling some 9ks work from 790,000 to 800,000. 790k to 795 is already done. After finishing this range and upon the availability of more files I would like to add some ranges from the 6th RPS Drive. If not possible I'll add the range 800,000 to 805,000 from the 9ks drive.

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If they want to join the fun of prime hunting, they can reserve a file like anyone else. If we wanted an LLRnet server, we would have set one up. Why do you think LLRnet makes this better, or more accurate?
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Well, in some cases LLRnet can be helpful, for example on machines which are available from time to time and only for a while. In such case completing a reserved file with 700 entries at 700k can take a long time. And also to automate the process, so that no interaction with the client is necessary (remote clients?).

So if the guys want to do it that way, I see no harm. Provided that they use stable hardware.

But there are drawbacks: the LLR exe used by the client is not updated frequently, the client doesn't support proxy with authentication, in some settings network connection is not available or not desired, etc.
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Shut up Curtis and stop sending me PM's.
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