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Default feature request P-1

I would like an option to let mprime/prime95 use two cores for P-1 work and have the work automatically ditributed so that only one core is doing stage 2 and the other core stage 1. If needed some P-1 work may therefore needed to be stored in a pipeline. Maybe impemented in such a way that when 4 cores are used to do P-1 that ony two cores work on stage 2.
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You do realize the stage 2 core will fall behind? For me it takes 30 to 100% longer depending on avail RAM. That said I like your idea.
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Use MaxHighMemWorkers=1 to select 1 core for stage 2.
Use MaxHighMemWorkers=2 for 2 cores.
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If the stage 1 core wanted to do some DC while it waits for stage 2, that would be okay.

I myself had been kind of wishing for a feature like this. I remember writing a little blurb about it somewhere...

I was thinking a good way to do it would be to feed core #1 with stage 1 and have it send the results over to core #2 for stage 2. Stage 2 does in fact take longer so the work would pile up over time. It's just a matter of grabbing a DC (or leaving the core idle; some people might want that too...) to keep core #1 busy while core #2 catches up.

Wait for a buffer of 10 stage 2's, run a cat 4 DC until the buffer falls to 2, then back to stage 2.

EDIT: The min and max buffer sizes and work type while waiting can all be chosen by the user. I could keep a buffer of 1 and idle my first core (which essentially means wait for core #2 to be ready to handle stage 2.

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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Use MaxHighMemWorkers=1 to select 1 core for stage 2.
Use MaxHighMemWorkers=2 for 2 cores.
I am experimenting with this feature now. I have set two workers out of four to start doing P-1.

Thanks for pointing out.

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