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Default Feature request

Hi folks. I was just browsing around looking at all the various lovely numbers I can make appear on my screen. It occured to me to go look at my results history to find how many conclusive tests I did. I.e., how many factors did I find and how many LL-tests did I do which returned composite?

As it turns out, I have 34. I have found 22 factors and have completed 12 LL-tests. I have taken 34 exponents off the list of candidates.

I was going to start a thread asking everybody how many they have, but as it turns out, the results details are only available up to 365 days, and some people might have too many to count.

I think it would be cool to have a feature which can tell everyone how many exponents they have conclusively dealt with through successful factoring and LL tests.

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The one year, and 1000 results limits are there to keep the load on the server within reasonable bounds, as I understand it. More would tie things up with deep database queries, I think. Depending on the kind of work you do, your various results.txt files should have all the information. However, as you say, collecting them, collating, and winnowing the wheat from the chaff could get to be a big job pretty quickly.

Of course, overall assignments completed, without regard for the results are on your home Account page.

It would be fun to know more. I have no concept of the effort it would take to make such things available. Even on a smaller scale, GPU72 limits the range of data available. Doing it on Primenet would be "way" bigger.*

*Signifies ignorance on the part of this writer.*
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+1 kladner

I think the load of displaying lifetime for most users here, would be a heavy load/request on the server, and you know it isn't that fast now anyways...

I timed how long it took to get a list of DC's I completed in a year (around ~300) and it took just around two minutes.

EDIT: When I do factors found I just get a timeout.

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I do know that the total number of completed assignments is available, but like you said they do not give any indication to the result.

I guess it is true that trying to retroactively add this feature might slurp up a bit of the server's power. I too have very little conception of the kind of work that would involve.

The server IS kind of slow in pulling up results, but on the other hand, I don't really need any of the displayed information like the exponent, result, etc.. Rather, I only need to know IF a factor was found at all.

I can definitely accept the "too much work" answer.
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