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Default Events that cause errors - how to check.

How can I check if an event (BSOD) on my system caused an error? What file does the PRIME95 client write errors to? I just started two 10M exponents, and the pc BSOD while my kid was using it. It's still doing P2, so early enough to start over, if the BSOD caused an error. Basically I'm wanting to know how to check for errors before it's caught in the doublecheck.
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If the error is detected it is written to the screen and the file results.txt. It can look like
[Sat Feb 18 13:09:01 2006]
Iteration: 1987584/16429141, ERROR: ROUND OFF (0.5) > 0.40
Continuing from last save file.
[Sat Feb 18 13:33:30 2006]
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4999984205, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
But all errors are not detected.

If the computer crashed in a BSOD any error produced during the crash would hardly have had time to be written to the save files on disk, so you would be fine in that case. On the other hand the BSOD might indicate that your computer is not stable, so an undetected error might have occured earlier.

I would continue running a number of double-checks, and then see if they end up in lucas_v.txt (confirmed good) or hrf3.txt (either the first test or yours was bad). Links to status files can be found close to the bottom of this page.
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Thanks - I apprecitate it. This system is a new build, and it is overclocked about 17%. I did run torture tests for 24-hours, and I was planning on runnng a few double-checks before doing a first time test, but I guess I didn't get the Primenet option changed before the client connected to the server. There aren't any errors in the results file, so I guess I'll continue on

Thanks again!!
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