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Nov 2020
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Default Unexpected error during .proof file upload

My Prime95 application seems to have a problem uploading a .proof file. I have been able to run the LL for the 58* exponent just fine, but every 65 minutes, the upper "Communication thread" goes active to say bizarre comments like "Proof file exponent is 109728277" and "Unexpected error during p109728277.proof upload." Please see the attached file. What does this mean?
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Viliam Furik
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Ok, so I will start with the critics.

As I always tell my classmates, when they debug a program, when there is an error message, read it! There is usually useful information on how to fix the error.

But you are probably not an expert on the PrimeNet server, otherwise, you wouldn't be asking here.

So the problem seems to be that your PRP result has been sent as Anonymous, instead of under your username. As to why this happened, I don't know. But there are mechanisms in the proof uploading that only accept proof from the user who turned in the result - i.e. residue. Thus if there is Anonymous registered as the uploader of the residue, the server doesn't know it's you who tries to upload the proof.

George (Prime95) should be able to fix that for you.
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Nov 2020
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Default Problem persists

After registering with an ID about an hour ago at 14:41 UTC (as you can see at, the username was changed from "Anonymous" to "Raydex"), I was still unable to upload the proof file at 15:15 UTC.
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Yet, the result in question is listed as anonymous.
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Credit transferred to Raydex
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